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So I’m waiting,

trying and failing to be patient. My book is almost ready to be published. Almost. I’m just waiting for one last piece of the jigsaw to slot into place, and then I can let it out into the world, with a gentle pat on the back, a tear in my eye, and a lump in my throat.

It’s odd, really. I’m desperate to see what happens next. It’s my first book, and my first experience of this, and I’m keen for people to read it, and most importantly, to enjoy it. However, I want it to be right, as much as possible, anyway, so everything needs to be checked and double-checked, before we press the big red button. So what can I do as I’m waiting? Well, I’m going to switch this thing on, and crack on with book two, which is coming along very nicely, thank you, which is a very pleasant surprise.

Until then, the fizzy pop will have to remain on ice, and the bag of iced gems will remain unopened. Actually, just one couldn’t hurt, could it?

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