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By purr flook (Hi mum!), I am writing this from a town associated with one of the most famous novels in literature – the town being Whitby, and the novel is DRACULA by Bram Stoker. Stoker found inspiration around this picturesque town, and thought the best thing to do with somewhere so beautiful was to insert a ruthless and blackhearted villain right in the middle of it. Typical writer.

Anyway – hello!

So, as per the update from my furry little mate, Jeff, in the previous post, NO SAFE PLACE is out, and, excitingly, selling. I’m finding it a bit difficult to comprehend that something I wrote is now being read, and hopefully, enjoyed. Going away for a week has certainly helped recharge the brain cells clanging around inside my cranium, and I’m keen to get back to the second book that I’ve been beavering away on for the last few months. I’ve got ideas for a few things that I want to get to, but this one was first out of the traps, and I’ve got the bit between my teeth with it, getting a fair way into it without too many brick walls or frustrating roadblocks appearing. Which, of course, I’ve now cursed myself with. Typical writer.

Did I say I had a book out?

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