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Book written, text edited, cover designed, and finally, THE GALLOWS DROP can be released.

It's the third book with Tony and Eleanor Grace, and it might just have been as tough for me as it was for them. When I left them at the end of THE UNBURIED DEAD, I had no idea what things might be in store for them in the future, until one blindingly obvious question loomed large in my thoughts - given that they were living incognito at the start of NO SAFE PLACE, then how did they end up like that in the first place? What were they running from? Or more specifically, who?

Pour all that into the pot, stir it, and let it bubble away until I just had to find out for myself...

Ebook and paperback are available at Amazon, as usual. You can find it by clicking here.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think, and, even better, please do consider leaving a review on Amazon. You might remember the disaster I had with SLATER'S PIT, but to re-iterate, a review or rating is so precious, as it helps prompt the algorithm to think about giving the book a bit more visibility.

Other ideas are starting to percolate as well, as I think about what might be next. Walking our dog, Halo, gives me plenty of time to think, though often those thoughts don't extend too far beyond "what the hell is that that she's eating now?" Still, it's hard to be cross with the "Prestige Pup Of The Week".

Anyway - don't upset the dog, and go and get THE GALLOWS DROP.

Have a good week,


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