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There’s an old joke – “How do you know when someone has a book out? Don’t worry – you’ll know…”

So, I couldn’t wait any longer, and have pushed the big, red button, and we’re live. Everything has been done – the book has been edited and formatted, the cover has been designed, the website has gone live, and the sales links are up and running. I’ve had a few early bird sales, and even a couple of reviews. So, it’s out there – out to fend for itself in the big, wide, scary, literary jungle, trying to find a way amongst the roaming packs of dark romance fiction, the murmurating flocks of airport fiction and the stomping herds of high fantasy.

I hope you think it’s worth taking a look at. I’m proud of it. I’ve grown very fond of the characters, and I think the story will offer a fair few surprises for you.

Link to buy on the front page.

Here's Jeff on promo duties.

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