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Nice little stack of envelopes, ready for the post office. I do this from time to time - each envelope has a CD in it, with a little playlist that I've put together usually to match the mood of the season, and sent to whoever of my friends asked for one. So, this is my Spring mix, ready to go out.

A few people have told me that they'd love to have one, if only they still had a way of listening to CDs, having moved onto streaming. That seems such a shame to me, as, if anything, I quite enjoy leaning into anachronism - I sold records to people for decades, and I just really like to be around the physical items, digging through boxes for inspiration, or holding a mix that someone has sent me in my hand, trying to resist the urge to read the tracklist first.

But all things must pass. Last time I put together one of these playlists, I caved, and put together a mirror playlist for streaming. And as I wait the last few days before my first book comes out, I appreciate that its better to be all things to all people than some stuffy snob. I think its going to be an online release first, but rest assured, I'm desperate to get physical copies available as soon as possible from release, if only for me to put on my shelf, say to myself "I did that", and treat myself to a celebratory biscuit.

(You'll notice the top envelope is addressed to Page 45. For those who don't know, Page 45 is the greatest comic book shop in the world, and I'm always happy to find something for their stereo, as their music taste is pretty good as well. Well - they say they are happy...)

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