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Just Add Water

I’m still here. Sorry for the radio silence, but there are a few reasons for it, all of them weak!

So I see the purpose of this blog as a means of developing a relationship with my huge and loyal readership, updating them with all of the exciting news regarding my burgeoning career as a writer. Well, that’s the first problem. I haven’t got an awful lot of exciting news at the moment… The second book is slowly chugging to the finish line, with the characters just about behaving themselves. It’s been such a different experience, this book. The first part of it just fell out of my head almost like automatic writing. I just started, and before I knew it a quarter of the book was just there. The second part was a struggle, trying to corral the story threads back together, to set up the finale. Now I’m in the home stretch, and I’m trying to take my time in order to stick the landing, before I go back and attack the whole draft with a heavy wrench, to try and get it done.

So, it’s been a bit different, but it’s all a learning. I’ve also tried to refresh the brain by changing gears and getting a few shorter ideas down on paper. I’ve put together a couple of comic scripts I’m pleased with – just for a couple of short stories – which, at the very least, I hope I can get drawn by someone, even if it’s just a fun little diversion for all concerned. It’s also been really helpful in regards to developing the disciplines needed to tell a story quickly, concisely and without diversion, which can hopefully be useful with my prose writing as well. A change is as good as a rest, an’ all that.

In other odd developments, I have seemingly developed a case of gout. Oh, the exotic images that that word conjures up. Transported back to a Victorian-era alehouse, in a slum district, trying to avoid the press gangs and the peelers. What next? Will I be taken to my bed after a nasty case of consumption? Or bat my eyelashes as I drip drip some laudanum onto my tongue? Nah. I’ll just put all my eggs in the basket of the restorative powers of biscuits. There’s a cure-all I can get behind.

So I’m still here. Hopefully I can get the book squared away in the next few weeks, and then start the fine-tuning. Will be nice to get another one out into the wild, and hope it’s elder brother can look after it, before someone holds it up by the ankles and shakes its lunch money out of its pockets.

And finally, in no way a heavy-handed metaphor, here’s a picture of a sunflower seed my very good friend Fee gave to me, now a green shoot. Too much? Too much.

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