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Infamy! Infamy!

Am very close to breaking out the promotional loudhailer for THE UNBURIED DEAD, but I'm not quite there yet. The last few little bits of nurdling need to be done first, and then the book is good to go. An esteemed group of readers have had a chance to have a nose at it first, and I've been really pleased with how it's been received so far, which has done a lot to ease my nerves about it. You never really know about something until it is out there and being read by fresh eyes, no matter how happy you are with it, so it has been a great help to get some good feedback, all with a view to making the book as good as it can be before I press the big red "publish" button.

However, some different news today, equally exciting, and a long time coming. Today sees the release of two comics, that contain my first two published strips, ever. Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that this is A BIG DEAL for me.

Some background - as I've written about in a previous post, 2000AD was my gateway drug to the mighty, mighty world of the ninth art. Still going strong after forty-odd years, and still one of the highlights of my week when it plops onto my doormat. Now, as you would expect for such a prestigious comic, there is a healthy fan community. One of the most respected avenues for that fandom is through the long-running fanzines produced by Futurequake, all with the blessing of Rebellion, the company that owns 2000AD.

Last year, Futurequake put out a call for contributions, and suitably inspired, I pitched a couple of scripts for two of 2000ADs longest running and most famous characters, Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog. To my delight, both scripts were commissioned, and sent away to artists to be drawn. Now, comic art takes a long time so it's taken nearly a year for these to be drawn, lettered, printed and released, but today's the day.

Fanzines live and die on their fans. Please do consider taking a chance on these two magazines, perhaps (nudge nudge) trying the latest editions, with my stories included, before digging into the back catalogue. It's always good value, and across the range, you might find now-professional creators contributing early work, or some big names just there to support the endeavours of others.

Zarjaz - the 2000AD fanzine (featuring my Judge Dredd story) can be found here, and Dogbreath - the Strontium Dog fanzine (featuring my story) can be found here


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