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First Night Nerves

Hello friends,

I am going to try and get out of the habit of starting these blog posts with apologies, mainly by pulling more than one finger out, and being a bit more timely. Of course, that also depends on me having good content (urgh) to share with you. Maybe it's best if I reinsert the fingers...?

But I do have news. This week, I have finished the edit of my second book, which is titled THE UNBURIED DEAD, and, barring catastrophe, will be out in a month or so. (Catastrophe-barring is not as easy as it once was, is it?) It's a direct sequel to NO SAFE PLACE, and I hope is the exciting, engaging story that I planned it to be. I'll wait for the eye of the beholder on that one, I think. Be nice.

It's been an interesting experience, writing my second book. I must admit, once I had finished NO SAFE PLACE, it seemed like a natural conclusion to the story, but, as I gather is often the case, the characters weren't quite ready to be put away just yet, and the first part of the book came easily. Other authors send their characters to exotic locations, to share with the reader a sense of escapism and wonder, and I am no different. This time the action moves from Liverpool to my old stamping ground of Stoke-on-Trent. This could very well be because I have been hankering for some Staffordshire oatcakes, and my subconscious wasn't going to let that slip until I had exorcised the urge via the page.

There have been other distractions that have prevented me from working on the book. We had a positive Covid test here recently, so I have been self-isolating, but, thankfully, it seems like we are coming through it without any real consequences. I feel fine, for instance. What it has shown me is how contagious this disease is, so I certainly hope that wherever you are, you are still staying safe and people are being careful still, all these months on.

The state of the world has also been weighing heavily, so I've done a few more of my raffles and giveaways to just do something a bit nice for people. Someone suggested that I donate to a library, which I thought was a terrific idea, so today I have packed up a little parcel for my old library in Lowestoft, where I grew up.

I love libraries. My mum and dad encouraged us to use the library as often as we could, and I think I can honestly say that without a local library, I wouldn't have written a word, let alone a book, and my life would have been made so much the poorer for not being exposed to the breadth of story found on those shelves, from the children's section and on.

So, the lucky devils in Lowestoft will soon be able to check out NO SAFE PLACE, and also, a copy of 2000ADs GREATEST, as I just can't not share my love of the comic medium with as many people as possible.

Thanks for your continued patience, and hopefully the next time I write I'll have some more details about THE UNBURIED DEAD.

Be well and stay safe.

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