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At The Coal Face

I’ve been a bit remiss of late with the blog, so apologies from me to the phalanx of loyal readers (hi mum!) who have been refreshing their feeds religiously. Must do better.

Picking up from the theme of my last post, there has been progress. Suitably inspired, in much the same way that a bungee jumper is “inspired” to leap from the gantry, I have finally started to push myself, or more particularly, push my book in regards to marketing. My brother (have I mentioned him before? I’m sure I would’ve remembered) often talks about how certain aspects of writing have to be treated as a business, as otherwise there is a real risk that all that effort put into the actual creation of the thing is wasted without giving it the chance to find anything like an audience. I have been the demure debutante, coyly hoping that a passionate and engaged throng of readers just “happens” to find my book, scared to take the plunge and promote it.

So, I’ve started tentatively advertising, and whilst it’s very much from a standing start, I’m seeing greenshoots as I slowly educate myself in the ways of the “marketeer” – I’m fully embracing that role, well, insofar as I’ve just been piling hair onto the top of my head, resembling a small loaf of bread, and am wearing trousers so tight that I can’t feel my legs, turning my sockless feet blue.

I digress.

The actual writing is proceeding as well – I’m halfway through the second book, and am doing my best to hit my word targets each day. Some days are easier than others, but I’m very much in the “draft one” stage, with the book looking like its wearing all of its wardrobe at the same time. The goal is to finish, and then go back with the chisel, tongue poking out, and get it looking a bit more presentable. Of course, procrastination is the enemy, but I’ve found that working on something else is the best medicine, if I find the book just isn’t working for me on any given day. A comic script, a short story or something like that, so I can get back to the book with fresh eyes. Here’s hoping.

The sun is out today, and it looks like it’s going to be the flavour for the next few days. Definitely a Northern Soul kinda week, then...

(Pictured - big, fat cliche that I am, some bread)

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